Top 10 Benefits Of Orgonite Pyramids

Do you want to know more about orgone pyramids? Then you’ll enjoy reading this article. Not only are spiritual crystal orgone creations enjoyable to look at and interesting decorative pieces on their own right and will raise your energy just by making you smile…Orgonite Pyramids also have several subtle effects that will add to your quality of life.

In general terms, you can think of them as filters for negative energy …Orgonite is a series of metal shavings, gems, stones, crystals, and wires that are arranged to protect our frequency and auric field….millions of people around the world have been realising that by keeping an orgone/orgonite pyramid nearby it will help balance their energetic field and make them feel better in different ways, encompassing physical, emotional and mental effects.

Let’s see exactly how Orgone Crystal Pyramids will benefit your environment:

1 – Clears Negative Energy

Orgone Pyramids are, first and foremost, amazing filters to help clear out negative energy from your environment and transmute it to positive energy. Keeping one around will make it sync to your own energy field, keeping you tuned up to your own natural rhythms. You’ll feel improvements in your physical health as well as your emotional and mental stability, when you learn to use Orgone to your advantage.

2  -Aids Meditation

Given their energy balancing potential mentioned above, Orgonite Pyramids are often used by people with a spiritual inclination to help them go further in a number of different everyday activities. An obvious example is doing meditation, an extremely useful and essential practice to help you stay balanced; if you often struggle with meditating because you always feel restless, sitting near your Orgone creation will help make things easier for you. They are so versatile.

3 – Improved Sleep Quality

This is actually an indirect effect of the energetic syncing that’s promoted by Orgonite. As your energetic fields grow stronger and more balanced, you will realise many indirect benefits in your life. A typical example is having all around improved sleep quality; you’ll find it easier shut off your mind to sleep and your sleep will be more rejuvenating, with a notably increased incidence of vivid dreams.

4 – Relieves Stress

Along with improved sleep patterns, you should notice you seem to become a little more impervious to stress. As you grow stronger from a spiritual standpoint, you’ll just find it hard to worry and fret just for the sake of it, and you will start embracing a relaxed poise that will help you get things done better and faster than ever before.

5 – Purifies the Atmosphere

Orgone Pyramids add a great touch to any modern home, and they also produce striking effects which are unseen to the eye. If you ever feel like the atmosphere in your house is a bit heavy and dull, try putting a Mystical Messengers Orgone pyramid in your lounge; things will tend to feel a bit brighter, and people will just act a little more cheerful without realizing the cause. Experiment by moving them around and feel the energy changes.

6 – Detoxify water Cleaner water

Many people who are concerned about their health will also put much thought into making sure they drink only pure quality water. To this effect, they’ll often use a plastic filter to help with physical impurities, and Orgonite Pyramids to help with energetic impurities. Keep in mind that water is a natural reservoir for environmental energies, so much of the water we drink is tainted with all kinds of energetic toxins. Energized water is “alive” water, a living,  Empowered water will be water that has been given a very precise structure by regular attractive powers found inside the earth..  When we drink or wash in this crisp, clear water from these undisturbed sources like mountain springs we feel revived and very stimulated.

7 – Accelerates Improve Plant Growth

If you find it hard to believe that Orgonite will even boost plant growth, you don’t have to take our word for for it. There are several websites on the Internet documenting plant growing experiences with and without Orgonite in the room, and the results speak of themselves. The energetic cleansing effect of these pyramid shape crystals will indeed support plant growth, especially when it’s made of the right materials. We have healed sick plants by placing one of our pyramids in its pot.

8 – Relationships Improve

For anyone who read through this article carefully, it shouldn’t be surprising that Orgone Pyramids will also help bring a fresh wind to any stagnant relationships. This is a natural effect of its energetic cleansing; as people in the environment get their emotions and thought processes balanced, they will just tend to act in kinder and more humane ways towards one another.

9 – Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is a worthwhile lifelong pursuit, and Orgone Crystal Pyramids can be an interesting tool in your spiritual arsenal. When used right, these lovely pieces of artisanship will do much more than add a nice touch to your living spaces. Remember to keep an open mind when you bring in some Orgonite, otherwise your own negativity may add unneeded obstacles to its energetic cleansing.

10 – Pets

Even though our cats, dogs, horses and other animals can’t talk to us, we can often recognize when they have sensitivities as well or at the very least when they don’t feel well. When pets are sensitive to weather changes, car rides, loud noises, reactive with other animals or people, avoid the room where your hub is located, can’t handle environmental changes, and the list goes on, then this is where an orgonite pyramid can help them too …we have made many pyramids to help our animal friends, for horses in their stables, for rescued cats and dogs who have emotional issues… please get in touch if you need help for your fur babies.

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