At this point in the game, we all have something wireless, deal with daily stressors from life in general,  our jobs, the daily commute,  negative environments or negative people, even our families can worry us at times. It’s just about impossible for you to avoid it in the world we live in. Even if you avoid it, you are still affected. Our neighbours will have wireless connection and even some cities have it citywide for their residences. Our family and friends are all unique in their own ways and personalities that may affect us and our pets individually. The gadgets you are purchasing for your home may have wireless connectivity.;  appliances like microwaves!! With that being said, we are all energetic beings and our energetic field oftentimes gets disrupted by the wireless waves that are constantly bouncing off the walls, other inanimate objects, and our human body. And don’t forget your cat and dog, too!

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In our opinion, you should use it every day. Our wireless technology is becoming more advanced, which means it can play a more dangerous role in our physical health. If you experience lack of sleep, cases of negativity, feeling depressed, brain fog, headaches, migraines, unexplainable aches and pains, lack of concentration, or irritability, you may be sensitive to the electromagnetic fields.

Even though our cats and dogs can’t talk to us, we can often recognise when they have sensitivities as well or at the very least when they don’t feel well. When pets are sensitive to weather changes, car rides, loud noises, reactive with other animals or people, avoid the room where your modem is located, can’t handle environmental changes, and the list goes on, then you may want to try orgonite.

Also consider orgonite if life is stressful, you are surrounded by negative people, you live near a cell tower or large power lines, or if you simply just want balance.

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