The Energy Healing Power Of Orgone Pyramids

In the 1930s, Dr Willheim Reich researched a subtle form of potency, which he christened orgone. In his findings, he discovered that by combining different proportions of metals, quartz crystals and an organic resin, he could develop a dominant force. A force too vigorous that it could attract and refine etheric energy. He further noted that the dynamism is omnipresent, meaning that it can be found in every aspect of nature. Dr. Wilhelm Reich was able to measure the existence of etheric energy (Life Energy, Chi, etc.), which he called orgone, using a modified geiger counter. Today, in addition to its original name, it is also known as Chi, the Fifth Element or Prana.Orgone Energy is a life force distributed throughout the universe which can be collected and stored for subsequent therapeutic use.

Using Orgonite to Heal Energy Blockages in the Body with an Orgone pyramid

Energy blockages (or blockages of chi or prana) in the body can cause you to feel sluggish, uninspired, fatigued, and irritable. Fortunately, orgone pyramids provide a solution to these issues as they can free up energy blockages in your body and enable your energy to flow smoothly without obstacles once again.

What is orgonite?

Orgonite is a composite substance, and orgonite pyramids are primarily made up of metals, quartz, resin, and sometimes even flower petals. Orgone pyramids can be extremely ornate and beautiful objects, however all that is really needed to create orgonite is a mix of equal parts metal shavings and resin. As we have just seen, orgonite is commonly formed into orgone pyramids, objects which are used to unblock any blocked energy in your body.

What are the Beneficial Effects of Orgone Pyramids?

Practitioners believe that these pyramids have a healing power that works positively and beneficially on your body’s energy. They have numerous advantages, which include helping you to sleep more restfully and giving you better dreams, reducing stress and giving you a feeling of inner calm, inspiring you, cleansing your body and your life of negative energy, and helping you to meditate more profoundly and productively.

How should Orgone Pyramids be Used?

Orgone pyramids will become attuned to your body. Metals respond to different magnetic and electrical impulses, for instance, whilst any quartz contained in the orgonite will undergo modifications in its cellular structure in response to changes in its environment. Keeping your pyramid close to your body will help it to work most effectively. If you have identified where the energy blockage is located in your body, it can be especially useful if you wear the orgonite on a small, comfortable band over that spot or alternatively if you place the pyramid over that spot as you sleep, or as you meditate. Orgonite has a particular affinity with water, moreover, so you might like to combine the use of your orgone pyramid with some kind of water therapy. Orgone pyramids can be made small enough to carry in your pocket, wear as pendants, or even incorporate into a headband. They can also be made large enough to place in an auspicious position around your home, to cleanse the entirety of your living space. The way that you use the pyramid is ultimately up to you: this is a healing talisman that should be suited to your individual needs.

Using esoteric (known) methods to heal energy imbalances

Imbalances in energy can permeate to all aspects of your life, affecting your sleep, your work, and how you relate to other people. As a result, trying out an orgone pyramid – especially in conjunction with other healing practices such as meditation, chanting, or healing sounds – can help to set you on the path to recovery. As orgonite is responsive to your body, moreover, the longer that you have your orgone pyramid, the more powerful its healing properties will become. Many esoterics use their pyramids to heal other people, though it is crucial not to sap their energy too much through overuse. Cherish your orgone pyramid, and it will cherish you in return.

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