10 Crystals To Help With Depression

Sadly, depression is something that affects nearly everyone at some point in time, whether temporarily or permanently.  Maybe that is from your life circumstances or something completely of your control.

When you start feeling lonely and helpless in life or when you start getting angry or frustrated even over the smallest of things, then it is a sign that you are facing depression.

While professional and medical help can be necessary in severe depression cases, you may take help from the wonderful healing crystals to help you get over this sad state of mind.

Some people suffering from depression may be more likely to try crystals as a form of self-help. After all, some people with depression may isolate and withdraw themselves. Additionally, many love that the use of crystals for depression is all-natural and doesn’t pose any unwanted side effects.

Crystals are also very versatile to use. There are numerous ways to use crystals without feeling vulnerable or self-conscious in the process. There are several different crystals that are known to work for depression.

Each of the following crystals not only has a unique appearance and chemical composition but also poses different benefits on a physical, mental, and emotional level. After all, everyone has different symptoms of depression. Some may have negative thoughts and experience anger while others might lack motivation and constantly feel tired. Keep in mind that depression can affect any seven of your chakras. Certain stones may aid with depression as a result of one chakra being blocked

Whatever method you choose to deal with depression, these energy crystals will enhance and amplify their effect and speed up the recovery process.

Citrine: or the ‘Happy Stone” is a common crystal that’s recommended for depression. Based on its nickname, citrine provides happy energy.
Apart from providing happiness, the use of citrine can help you focus, feel more positive, and gain mental power.
Thanks to its association with the solar plexus chakra, citrine has the ability to also boost your self-confidence, gain energy and better circulation, and get rid of stagnation. Rather than absorbing negative energy like other crystals and stones, citrine instead transforms negative energy into positive energy. Based on the that citrine is one of the few crystals out there that doesn’t need to be cleansed.

Citrine is very effective against depression. It helps to absorb negative energy and brings positive energy into your aura. Citrine also helps to develop a positive mindset and helps you to let go of depressing emotions. The bright energy of the sun stored inside citrine wards off the darkness in your mind and uplifts your mood so that you start feeling refreshed and energetic.

Green Aventurine: this healing stone is good to use when you feel like you have been isolated from the important bonds in your life.

Green Aventurine is a crystal of compassion that gives you energy to better understand what you are going through so that you can love more unconditionally. This energy crystal helps you to shed light on the causes that lead to this kind of depression and helps you to rectify them.

Rose Quartz: there is no crystal better than this one to overcome the feeling of anxiety, anger, tiredness, loneliness or depression.

Called as the ‘Stone of Love’, Rose Quartz has properties that stimulate your heart chakra and open it up to allow the flow of compassionate energies inside it from the surroundings. This love stone reminds you to be gentle to yourself and develop self-love. Rose Quartz is good for stress management too and helps you to live a calm and composed life.

Amethyst: in an marvellous healing stone while dealing with depression. Amethyst transmutes the negative thoughts in your mind into positive ones and removes all the toxic elements from your system. Amethyst is often the best crystal to calm and relax the nerves, reduce anxiety and stress. It can help bring the nervous system into balance and reduce the harmful effects of stress, with no negative side effects.

This energy stone heals on a deep level and clears the heart chakra of negative entities that tend to harm you. Amethyst is a good choice for people suffering from depression and loneliness as it instills confidence inside you and brings in an optimistic approach to your life.

Lepidolite : Known as the “Mental Balancer Stone” is a powerhouse gem for dissipating negative energy. It’s a stone that aids your physical and emotional well-being, providing peaceful sleep, dream recall, rest, and recovery. A natural, crystallized form of lithium, lepidolite grows with tourmaline and kunzite and is known to lighten moods and regulate emotions.

Our Native American ancestors had many tourmaline mines on their reservations in the southwest. They would rub the stone directly on their bodies, allowing the lithium to absorb into their skin. The natural lithium had a calming effect, relaxing them and easing stress. We similarly work with lepidolite today. Lepidolite is a Crown Chakra stone and soothes and harmonizes feelings, leading you to feel more settled and serene. It allows for a deeper state of comfort and peace and also helps you go back to sleep.

Carnelian : is another stone that’s known for bringing joy and energy. Additionally, carnelians can boost motivation, leadership, empowerment, bravery, and endurance. It stimulates the sacral chakra. Some believe that carnelians are the best crystal to use for depression. After all, many people dealing with depression may experience fatigue, lack of courage, and little motivation. There are both red and orange carnelians, which can both bring love and positivity. However, an orange carnelian is especially ideal for depression.

Consider using a carnelian stone for your depression if you feel like you’re in a rut or are in the midst of a difficult life circumstance and need motivation and courage to get out of it.

Tiger’s Eye : Although those with depression may feel emotionally numb or seemingly incapable of expressing any sort of emotion, others may experience emotional stress and sensitivity.
The great thing about the Tiger’s Eye is that it can aid with the flow of your blocked emotions. It can also boost positive emotion, strengthen relationships and friendships, and promote love and passion.

This crystal is particularly great for the lower chakras of the tiger’s eye, including the root, solar plexus and sacral chakras.
It’s not uncommon that those with a solar plexus blockage to be extra prone to depression, rejection, and insecurity.

Sunstone : If you frequently deal with negative emotions, the gentle power of the sunstone, also known as the Joyful Stone, may be able to provide that positive, light energy you need in a depressive state of mind. As the sunstone stimulates the sacral chakra, it can ward off toxicity, eliminate daily stress, and bring a burst of happiness. Some people use the sunstone for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) as well.

The sunstone can cleanse and energize each of the seven chakras. 
Apart from aiding with depression and negative thought patterns, sunstones can encourage leadership, sexuality, and creativity.

Smoky Quartz : If you’re in need of grounding, letting go, or surrendering, a smokey quartz might be the right crystal for you. These crystals can also relieve anger, resentment, and fatigue as side effects of depression.
Due to its exposure to radiation, smoky quartz also have the ability to relieve electromagnetic and geopathic stress.  Smoky quartz transforms and transmutes energies. It takes in whatever is negative or of a low vibration and keeps that energy away from the bearer.

If you’re suffering from a root chakra blockage, you may experience worry, low or high energy, sexual dysfunction, and anxiousness. Emotionally, you may feel disconnected with those around you.

Black Tourmaline : or Schrol is a great grounding stone that’s capable of purifying the body of toxic emotions like depression, anger, anxiousness, and sadness. Although in severe cases, one should reach out for professional help, it’s said that black tourmaline is also useful to combat obsessive-compulsive behaviors, suicidal thoughts, and substance abuse.

Like many other anti-depression stones and crystals, black tourmaline stimulates the root chakra. Using this stone alongside your healing, you can experience a greater sense of power, higher self-confidence, and more balanced emotions. Apart from its mental and emotional benefits, this stone has properties to deter pollutants, radiation, and smog.

The healing crystals mentioned above are one of the easiest and basic ways to deal with depression as they will uplift you internally and will create a positive atmosphere around you.

Our emotional health can directly influence how the rest of our body feels and functions. When we are in emotional distress, it lowers our overall quality of life and how we feel day-to-day. Emotional health affects how we make decisions, how we interact with others, and how we respond to events that happen in life. Things like stress, anxious feelings, changes in the weather, and a host of troubling common emotions can negatively influence our mood. No matter what is distressing us, it is important to find tools and coping methods to help counteract negative emotions—otherwise it can seriously impact our quality of life. 

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