All You Need To Know About Crystal Pyramids and Orgonite Pyramids

Pyramids have mesmerized civilizations for ages and almost all civilizations have used this shape to attain spiritual awakenings. Its geometrical shape is said to amplify any vibration or Pranic energy (life energy). Hence most of the temples around the world were built using this geometrical design. It is believed that the four sides of a pyramid represent the four cosmic elements (air, water, fire and wind) converging into infinity.

They are primarily a sacred magnifying shape which has a strong healing and purifying power. So, the shape is also used in healing, energy management, meditation, architecture and decoration in the form of crystal pyramids.

Crystals Pyramids are pyramid shaped crystals of different sizes and colors. They are used for healing, energy management, meditation, architecture and decoration. With their great refined look, they come in different crystal types to suit your needs. An Orgonite Crystal Pyramid is made of a substance called “orgonite” which consists of resin, metals and quartz that balances and harmonizes bio-energy. Orgonite Pyramids are believed to harness high-vibrational energy and radiate an individual’s intentions that can activate different aspects of life. These are also good for warding off negative vibrations or removing blocks within the chakras.

Both types of Pyramids function as focusing and magnifying agent. It also depends on the nature of their use. If you are using Pyramids for specific purpose, it focuses vibrations and concentrates toward specific issue but if used for growth or progress, it magnifies vibration and distributes it to maximum level.

Many Orgonite Pyramid are replicas of pyramids of Giza as they correspond their shape. So, Orgonite in a Pyramid is more effective than other crystal shapes. Mystical Messengers make several Orgonite products as we appreciate that not everyone is drawn to pyramids so we create Dragons, Angels, Owls, Moons, Buddhas, Unicorns, Hearts and much more …

Because of the portable size and attractive designs all our pieces have very dynamic use in day to day life. You can simply put one in any room in your home, your workplace, we even make them for horses for their stables.

Pyramids are a wonderful shape for decoration and suits best in any healing, treatment room or meditation corner. We make really large pieces designed especially for healing rooms. They can also be laid upon the body to balance the Chakras and to draw off negative energy and blockage. They are wonderful to use as a central crystals in Crystal Grids to collect and focus energy.

If you are interested in us creating a bespoke Pyramid especially for you then please message us and we will be delighted to help you ⬇️

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