How to Recharge Your Orgonite Pyramid

Orgonite pyramids are like us and can get overworked too. Although Clear Quartz is self cleansing it doesn’t do them any harm to give them an extra boost.

There are several ways to do this :

One way to charge them is to place them out on the windowsill or outside under the light of a Full Moon.

Another is with Sound Therapy, we will often will place our Tingsha Bells and sound them over them.  They produce a special tone, which is why they are used in space clearing and energy balancing.

They also have an affinity with water, so you can cleanse and recharge your orgonite pyramid is by putting it under running water. Cold water is best because it makes it more magnetized, which means it can better attract energies.

Another way to charge it is by putting it out in the sun, however we wouldn’t recommend doing this on a hot day because of the nature of the resin it may become slightly tacky, so if you do wish to charge it in the sun we suggest placing it in indirect sunlight. (we had to move one of ours off the window sill as it actually stuck to it!!)

Orgonite pyramids are so easy to maintain. You can simply place them in the garden, as a place surrounded by nature is the ideal spot because it doesn’t have a lot of negative energy that can interfere with its recharging.

Mental purification is another simple way to cleanse your orgonite. You just place it on the palm of your hand and through your intention ask a Higher Being to get rid of the negative energy. 

There is no right or wrong way so just do whichever one you prefer.

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