How To Use Orgonite Pyramids

In meditating, you can use the orgonite pyramid much like how you use crystals. Simply keeping it with you as you meditate will result to improved concentration. You can focus your energy on it for an added effect. This pyramid also has the wonderful ability of becoming attuned to your body, so the longer you have it, the more powerful it gets. Communicating your intentions to it also gives better results.

If you managed to identify any blockages in your body or a certain chakra, you can hold your orgonite pyramid near the targeted area to heal the area. 

Placing the pyramid on your bedside table as you sleep can result in more restful sleep and vivid lucid dreams. Some people place them underneath their beds (depending on the structure of the base of the bed).

You should also have a pyramid near your workspace and mobile phone to neutralize the EMF radiation.  Beside your hub, tv, pc, laptops, microwave etc…we actually place a small pyramid in each of our electric and gas meter boxes.

To use orgonite pyramids to heal your environment, you can get several of them to place around your house or room. It can also be place in the ground to improve the plants and other creatures around the area. DOR (caused from EMF etc) from the water will also be absorbed by the orgonite and in turn, will release POR (which keeps organisms healthy) . If you live near mobile phone towers, you can also bury it near them to reduce its negative EMF effects.

We make smaller orgonite pyramids, which we call “pocket pyramids” to carry around. We also do pendants and keyrings which will allow you to dispel any negative energy that maybe following you throughout the day.

Putting it under the light of a full moon lets it absorb energy and recharges the crystals inside, too. You may also place your orgonite pyramid near your other crystals so it can harness energy from them too.

Orgonite pyramids also work well with purifying water, so you can put it in your bath and showers to improve the purity of the water as it is absorbed into your body. 

To put it simply, the orgonite pyramid can be placed anywhere, and it will exude and create positive orgone energy near wherever it is placed.

Not only that we always say they just raise your vibration and energy just by making you smile as they are so beautiful!

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