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Angels  Energy Healing

Angels are literally made of light and love—they are made of energy. They can choose to take human or any other form, but their true, natural state of being is as radiant white light and pure, unconditional love. They still have a consciousness; they are thinking, individual beings with their own personalities, but they do not have a body. They are made of positive energy! This means that all angels have the ability to energetically heal you instantaneously, no matter what type of healing you need. And trust me, they are among the most powerful energy healers you can find! Angels are also a connection to divine love—the most powerful love in the universe. Once you have felt the warmth and complete bliss of divine love, your consciousness expands, and you become more self-aware, more aware of the love all around you, and you know in your soul you are loved by Spirit. You also become a beacon of love for others, just like angels.

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 Angel Voices

Your angels of energy healing are around you at this very moment. They are tuned into your energy and can sense when you are in a life threatening situation, but otherwise they will not interfere with your life unless you ask them to. As an Angelic Reiki energy healer, I will call upon angels as guides to assist in energy healing sessions; they are such powerful natural healers. Just so just ask them to be by your side to heal, support, guide, inspire, or simply love you.

Angels are never overworked or too busy for you, then can be with multiple people all over the world at the same time and are always there for you. We are often guided by an angel to do or say something. Even stopped in our tracks and known that we were walking into danger or dark energy? Our angels will often whisper to us and occasionally even shout, our daughter Hannah often experiences that ….she says it makes her jump !!

Angels are a type of energy being that is not human but one of their missions is to help us with our life’s purpose and our life in general. They do this in many ways and as soon as you ask the angels for help, they will help you! They will also never judge you and are always supportive, regardless what kind of situation you have gotten yourself into!


Archangels are a very powerful type of angel, likened to the leaders of angels. Aside from guardian angels, they are probably the most well-known type of angels. So if you are working with or asking for help from an archangel, know that you are also working with a lot of other angels as well.  Archangels are similar to specialty angels in that they also have areas that they work in or have expertise in but they often have more than one area that they can help us with.  For example, Archangel Chamuel specialises in clearing dark energy, finding romance, life purpose and also finding lost items; making him a very handy angel to know! 

There are lots archangels so here is a little bit of information on some of the most popular Archangels:

Michael:  Archangel Michael is a powerful protector and warrior. He is said to have led the battle against the army of fallen angels and he is often depicted in artwork slaying the devil.  His name means “Power of God” and he is powerful!  He can help you if you feel fearful and he can protect you against real or imagined fears.  He also is great for clearing dark energies and energetic cords which are energetic connections between people that transmit energies and emotions. Archangel Michael can also help you with your life mission.  He is there to help many of us who have a life-purpose that involves working in the light-energy.

Gabriel is mentioned in the Christian Bible as the angel who came to Mary and announced that she would give birth to Jesus. Gabriel acts as a main messenger between us and heaven and helps us with anything to do with communication whether it is talking, singing, writing, or even body language! Call on Gabriel whenever you need help with any type of communication or with having confidence in your communication.

Raphael is an angel who helps with a whole host of issues.  Raphael plays a great role in many different ways.  He has a great sense of humour and your mood is often light and happy when he is around you.  Call on Raphael for assistance in romance, traveling, healing, and chance meetings. His name means “Healer of God”, but he doesn’t heal just the physical he heals the emotional body too.

Uriel is the archangel that is often described as the counsellor angel. Uriel means “Light of God” which makes sense when you think of clearing dark emotions and going into the light. Uriel helps us deal with emotions and clear out toxic emotions and relationships. Uriel also helps with extreme weather and natural disasters. Call on Uriel for help with relationships, weather related problems (especially wind) and clearing emotions and beliefs that are no longer serving you.

Chamuel is a multi-talented archangel who can help with romance, clearing dark and negative energy, life-purpose, and also finding lost items. He is a very powerful archangel and his name means “He who seeks God”. Call on Archangel Chamuel for assistance with finding anything that you want in your life, including love, and clearing anything you don’t want in your life any attachments.

Jophiel is a beautiful archangel whose name means “Beauty of God” and she does have beautiful energy! She has a more feminine energy than many of the other archangels and can help beautify or uplift anything in your life including your thoughts, emotions, your physical space, etc. She works a lot with people who do some kind of design work such as stylists, designers, decorators and artists. Call on her if you need beauty in any area of your life and you may be amazed at the results.

Ariel is a wonderful angel to work with for tapping into nature cycles and for working with animals.  Ariel means “Lion of God” and she is a strong force! Think of our associations with lion and you will have a sense of her – strong, dignified, and unfazed.  Ariel can help us when working with the nature spirits, plants, animals, and the environment. Call on her for help in any of these areas and when you need to feel more strength and dignity, regardless of external circumstances.

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Haniel can help us tap into moon energy and feminine energy and intuitive knowing. Haniel means “Glory of God” and is a powerful but gentle angel who can help with clairvoyance, divine timing and connecting with feminine energy. Haniel is associated with the planet Venus and can also help with love, companionship and connection.

Zadkiel can help us with letting go and forgiving. His name means “Righteousness of God” and he is a fantastic angel for helping release judgment and blame and to replace these feelings with mercy and empathy. He can help heal relationships and also help us forgive people and even ourselves.

Sandalphon is the brother of Metatron and one of the only two archangels believed to have had a human life. He is said to help transport our prayers to God. He works through music and is believed to be the guardian of the earth.  He also helps fight against dark forces and re-establish harmony.  He is even said to determine the gender of a child in the embryo stage!

Metatron is Sandalphon’s brother and also had a human life prior to becoming an angel. He is described as God’s mediator with men. He is believed to keep the records of men or the Akashic Records. He works a lot with children. He can also assist people in crossing over into the after- life.

Raziel is an angel who can help you with esoteric knowledge and can assist with magic and manifesting and research. If you are struggling to learn about something complex, ask for his assistance. Call on Raziel to increase your magic and manifesting efforts and to help with learning and comprehension.

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The Archangels are excellent allies and I encourage you to call on those whose names and descriptions resonate for you. You are not bothering the angels when you ask for their help!  They are here to help us shift and change but they need to be invited to help in order to do so. They are always there emotionally supporting us and giving messages but it’s not until we ask for their help that they are allowed to step in and intervene in your life.

In addition to asking the Archangels for help, you can also ask the Specialty Angels for help. Specialty Angels work in different areas to help the world. So whatever you need help with, ask the angel in charge of that to help. When I need help finding a car park space I always ask the parking angels for help!! But there are also abundance angels, relationship angels, teacher angels, etc. The more you receive the more you can help others so ask for as much help as you want and watch your life and the world transform.

Archangel Michael – The Great Protector, the mighty Archangel Michael is associated with the color blue – like a royal blue – and helps us with releasing, letting go, cutting cords, and freeing us from lower energy.

Archangel Raphael – The Great Healer, Archangel Raphael is associated with the color green (emerald green). He helps us with healing, relaxing, and restoring.

Archangel Metatron – He is associated with the color purple, and helps us with balancing: balancing our chakras and balancing our lives. He is also the angel who looks after children, especially his beloved Indigo Children.

Mother Mary – The wonderful Healer of the Hearts, Mother Mary is associated with the color pale blue. She helps us heal our hearts and heal from past pain and old wounds. She is so very gentle and loving.

Archangel Gabriel – He/she is associated with the colour copper. She helps us with speech, and all creativity. I usually ask Archangel Gabriel to help me stand in my truth and speak in a loving way. I also ask her to help me deliver the messages from the Angels to my clients, in the best way for them.

Simply put, Angelic Healing can help with anything, whatever you happen to be struggling with at any moment in time. It helps us release lower emotions or unhealthy thought patterns, and can also help on a body level, getting things back into the flow.

** Healing Powers are not designed to, and does not, provide medical advice. All content of this blog is just for general informational purposes only.

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