“Forget me nots”

Forget-me-nots represent long lasting connections that can exist between not only lovers, but also friends. This connection can’t be broken or shaken by anything or anyone. Forget-me-nots represent true love and giving someone this flower means you truly love and respect them.

Counted among the tiniest of flowers with the most soothing shade of blue, these beautiful blossoms come with numerous interesting legends and historical significance.  Typically seen as a symbol of beauty, elegance and eternal love. The varied symbolism of these flowers originates from the stories, legends, myths, folklore, and history associated with them.

The Forget-Me-Not is also known as the Myosotis flower, which actually in Greek means mouse’s ear and Myositis is its common name. The name “forget me not” came from the German word “vergissmichnicht” which means forget me not.

The origin of their name is also linked with a sad, yet heart-touching tale of love. A legend from the medieval times speaks of a knight who, along with his lady love, was walking beside a river. There he saw these beautiful flowers. However, when he went to pick them up, the weight of his armour made him fall into the river. He somehow managed to throw the posy to his beloved and while he was drowning, he shouted, “forget me not.” Hence, these flowers are also symbolic of true love.

In a German legend, after the earth was created, God went to each plant and animal and gave each a name. As God finished and was getting ready to leave, he heard a little voice at his feet saying “what about me?” He bent down and picked up the little plant whom he had forgotten, and said “Because I forgot once, I shall never forget you again, and that shall be your name.”

Another meaning of carrying these flowers is that of protection or luck. It was believed that forget-me-nots had the power to protect humans against witches.

This unforgettable and graceful symbol is believed to be in the old days a sign of everlasting love and a way to symbolise how much one means to a person.

Our “Forget Me Not” DREAM Crystal Healing Sign 

Placed inside this beautiful piece are 10 “Forget me Knot” flowers. The Angel number 10 is a reminder that our true nature is as both a physical and spiritual being. 

We have carefully chosen specific crystals for their ability to work together and amplify each other’s energy and healing properties when creating this piece….Clear Quartz, Snow Quartz, Rose Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, Black Obsidian, Brass & Pure Copper. 

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