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Essential oils are naturally occurring compounds found in plants from around the world. They are necessary for the natural health and prosperity of the plants.

Essential oils used as natural remedies to enhance health and beauty dates back to the earliest civilizations. Essential oils are used for aromatherapy and topical skin applications and even as dietary supplements for healing purposes.

If you’ve ever smelled a rose or walked through a forest and inhaled the amazing scent of the trees, you’ve experienced essential oils. These aromatic compounds are the immune system of the plant; the part that keeps the plant safe and healthy even its natural environment. I like to think of them as the life force.

Depending on the plant the essential oil can be found in the leaves, the bark, the root or the flower. These plants are then collected and steam distilled or cold pressed – creating pure and powerful essential oils. Unfortunately in today’s world it’s all about faster, cheaper and bigger profits and many essential oil companies have taken the easy way out by adulterating with synthetics, heavy dilution and questionable sourcing practices.

“Mother Nature has the power to please, to comfort, to calm, and to nature one’s soul. ”


The old saying:

“Prevention is better than a cure because it literally prevents the discomfort and costs of becoming sick or experiencing a similar preventable event. It also often takes less effort to prevent something than to cure it, hence the popular expression “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Essential Oils are some of the most potent and magical natural ingredients found in the earth. They affect you on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Essential oils can lift your mood and make you feel good with just a whiff of their fragrance. For some people they may even help alleviate the symptoms of various conditions. Essential Oils have on average over 200 different naturally occurring chemical constituents which provide benefits including:

  • Antiviral
  • Antispasmodic
  • Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes
  • Antibacterial
  • Antiseptic
  • Relaxing and Calming
  • Cellular Rejuvenation
  • Increased Micro Circulation
  • Increased Oxygen Potential
  • Healing
  • Cellular Balancing
  • Anti-Aging
  • Stimulates the Immune System
  • Relaxes the Central Nervous System
  • Opens and Balances the body’s Energetics and Chakras

They have been used since the beginning of time.  They have been used during prayer, for healing, and purification.  If you’ve been to a  church or temple on high holy days you’ve already experienced the use of essential oils raise your spiritual vibrations.

Having a long and rich history for their ability to maintain beauty. The Egyptians, perhaps the ancient civilisation which we know to have used essential oils most widely, not only for cosmetics but spiritual relaxation, embalming, and even mummification of their dead. Cleopatra, world renowned then and now for her unparalleled beauty, attributed her allure to the use of Egyptian essential oils in her skincare routine. What perhaps speaks best to the value and importance of essentials oils in ancient Egyptian culture is that when King Tutankhamen’s tomb was discovered and opened in 1922, the excavators found over 50 empty carved containers used especially for storing valuable essential oils. When raiders had plundered his tomb, they had chosen to leave the gold and other treasures and instead took the prized essential oils!!

Ancient Greeks also believed that good health can be promoted with aromatic baths and oil massages. Many ancient Greek physicians experimented with the healing powers of essential oils including Asclepius (circa 1200 BC), the first known clinician to use essential oils in surgery, and Hippocrates, widely considered the father of medicine.

The Chinese were also using aromatic oils thousands of years ago. The famous book by Huang Ti titled “The Yellow Emperor’s Book of Internal Medicine” from 2697-2597 BC contains uses for several aromatics and is still used by practitioners of eastern medicine till this day. 

Though perhaps today essential oils have acquired a feminine image, the strongest and bravest of history’s men praised their healing powers. When the Gladiators of ancient Rome were hurt in their battles they were successfully treated hundreds with essential oils and botanical remedies.

Many centuries later, During the Crusades, the Knights and their armies were responsible for passing on knowledge of herbal medicines including distillation methods they had learned in the Middle East throughout Western Europe. The use of essentials oils continued to spread widely across the world.

 In Europe, however, they were severely hampered by the Catholic Church which rejected them due to their belief that every disease was a punishment sent by God. Monks in monasteries who used essential oils and other herbal medicines as they tended after the sick were at great risk of persecution as witches. Nonetheless, in secret, they bravely continued to use and pass on their knowledge about herbal medicine and essential oils. Despite this ban on the use of essential oils for healing, during this period essential oils were popular for their aroma, they provided much needed aromatic relief and anti-bacterial properties for people who had access to them.

Because essential oils are absorbed through the limbic system as well as through the skin they are able to affect your mood immediately causing your mind and body to relax.  This provides an even deeper layer of healing and rejuvenation to your treatment and they can have a positive impact on your health and well-being as long as you use them in a safe way.

If you would like to give essential oils a try make sure that you find quality essential oils, since not all products are created equal. doTERRA essential oils are certified pure grade therapeutic oils. Guaranteeing purity and potency of these natural compounds. They contain no artificial ingredients, fragrances, or fillers. These essential oils are free of chemical or toxic impurities.

How to find quality essential oils

The most important thing to consider when shopping for essential oils is product quality. But figuring out which oils are the best is challenging especially since there is no governing body for essential oils, it becomes so very important to choose a company that ensures the purity of the oils you are using by following rigorous testing standards and operating from a place of transparency.

Unfortunately, there are lots of products you might find online or in stores that aren’t harvested correctly or may have something in them that isn’t listed on the label.

doTERRA is a wellness company with the most tested and most trusted essential oils in the world as their core. And they have an amazing heart-led vision and mission to help every home feel empowered to use natural approaches in their health and self-care, and an even bigger goal to revolutionise healthcare along the way, with the help of partnerships with hospitals and research facilities. I’ve had many brands of oils in my home over the years before trying doTERRA – I had no idea there was such a difference in quality!

Global botanical network

Essential oils are steam distilled or cold pressed from raw plant material, and lots of it. And it’s a well known fact that plants grown in their native habitat are much more potent, therapeutically beneficial and require less in terms of interventions to thrive. 

In the beginning, doTerra set out with the inspired vision to source their plants globally. To seek out different growers around the world, where the plants thrive indigenously.

This not only provides superior therapeutic benefit to us as the consumer, but also creates an opportunity for doTerra to do something that no other company is doing – helping to lift entire communities out of poverty. It’s a beautiful thing. 

They have sought to create partnerships with farmers, harvesters and distillers across the globe, many of which are in third world countries.  These plants have been the lifeblood of these families for generations. These farmers were suffering at the hands of corrupt middle-men and not earning enough to feed their families throughout the year, harvesting plants early in order to get paid to put food on the table.  doTerra saw an opportunity here. By working directly with farmers, they cut out the middlemen and guarantee fair and on-time payments throughout the year as well as incentives for higher quality.  

People ask me all the time why I chose doTERRA? First, I would encourage you to try these oils because I promise, the nose knows and this is why with over 7 million active customers, they are the largest essential oils company in the world. Next, I encourage you to get a feel for this company’s culture. It’s an important decision to make because once you start using these oils in your home, trust me, you won’t go back to using store-bought synthetic versions. You want to be sure that you feel aligned with the culture of the company you choose.

Here are some tips to help you shop for pure essential oils:

  • Look at the label: It should include the Latin name of the plant, information on purity or other ingredients added to it, and the country in which the plant was grown.
  • Evaluate the company: Purchase products from a well-known and reputable aromatherapy company that’s been around for several years.
  • Choose dark-coloured, glass containers: Pure essential oils are highly concentrated. They can dissolve plastic bottles over time, tainting the oil. Most companies package essential oils in small brown or blue glass bottles to protect the quality.
  • Avoid “fragrance oils”: Fragrance or perfume oils are made from essential oils combined with chemicals or entirely from chemicals. They’re not suitable for aromatherapy — instead, look for bottles that contain a single essential oil in its purest form (100% essential oil with no other fillers).
  • Compare prices: Essential oils range in price, depending on how involved harvesting and production are. Within a line, there should be a wide variety of prices — rose absolute or sandalwood oils will be more expensive, while sweet orange oil will be on the less expensive end. If you find a rock-bottom price for an expensive essential oil, it probably isn’t pure.

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