Hand Made Orgonite Archangel Gabriel Tree of Life Crystal Cone


Our beautiful Archangel Gabriel Orgonite Crystal Healing cone resonates with this Archangel of positivity and light resonates with the White Healing Ray and connects with the Crown Chakra which is our connection to the Universe and so this crystal feather is all about helping our spiritual connectivity. Just by keeping it close by you they can help you align and open the Crown Chakra. It is finished in a white opal effect giving it stunning 3D colour changing visual effects.

This beautiful Orgonite Crystal Cone has been created with Clear Quartz as its main healing Crystal; which of course is known as the Master Healing Crystal and possesses a high vibration. A very powerful crystal that can be programmed with intentions and is really is unlike any other crystal from Mother Earth. It can be used for almost any metaphysical purpose. It is also wonderful because it can amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals.

The Golden Tree of Life Symbol represents the interconnectedness of everything in the universe. It symbolises togetherness and reminds us that we are never alone or isolated, but rather that we are connected to the world. The roots of the Tree of Life dig deep and spread into the earth, thereby accepting nourishment from Mother Earth, and its branches reach up into the sky, accepting energy from the sun and moon.

It contains Green Aventurine, Carnelian, Amethyst, Citrine, Black Tourmaline, Fire and Ice Quartz, Aluminium, Brass and Pure Copper.  These specific crystals have been chosen for their ability to work together and amplify each other’s energy and healing properties.

This Orgonite Crystal cone can be used to draw off negative energies and blockages from the chakras and replenishing energy. They are powerful spiritual tools that transform Universal Life Form Energy (Chi) into a very powerful positive energy that will benefit your energies physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

As with all our crystal creations they come to you charged with Angelic Reiki healing energy and is made with loving and positive intentions.

** Please Note that each item is individually hand made with natural crystals formed over millions of years and therefore may have some natural imperfections.  This also means that each crystal creation that we sell is unique and so may differ slightly from the pictures shown.  This does not affect the healing properties in any way.  Each piece is unique in colour and shape but the photography shows a good representation of what you will receive.

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Weight 97 g
Dimensions 70 × 60 × 60 mm


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