Hand Made Orgonite Archangel Chamuel Love Angel


The word “Angel” is derived from the Hebrew and Greek words which simply mean “Messenger.  Angels are divine spiritual beings of love and light that work with humanity to help us in this lifetime. If you need some help with anything, you just need to ask the angels for their assistance, and they will be there for you. It’s really that simple!

This crystal angel is connected to Archangel Chamuel who helps to renew and improve your loving relationships with others by helping to develop your Heart Chakra bringing love, inner-peace and emotional balance and at the same time taking the heat out of emotional stress and restoring equilibrium whilst giving emotional healing.

This Pink Healing Ray Angel contains Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Amethyst and Pure Copper.

Rose Quartz is the stone of true love and affection and it represents the bond that crosses time and space.  If you want to attract love then this is the perfect Angel to have.  It carries universal love energy and will gently open your Heart Chakra, bring healing to your heart space, and will allow for natural flowing communication. Clear Quartz magnifies all surrounding energies, and amplifies the magic of other crystals. This crystal draws energy to it and holds energy for you. Amethyst is a powerful and protective stone with a high vibration. It helps to protect against psychic attacks and can enhance the memory as well as assist in deeper understanding when you meditate.  It is a Violet Ray crystal that brings divine energies of protection, love, forgiveness, freedom, and transformation.  It corresponds to the Crown Chakra linking us to Spirit energy. …Amethyst brings energies of peace, healing, and calm…Amethyst is a healing and calming crystal that has a beautiful ability to bring harmony and tranquility around you.

** Please Note that each item is individually hand made with natural crystals formed over millions of years and therefore may have some natural imperfections.  This also means that each crystal creation that we sell is unique and so may differ slightly from the pictures shown.  This does not affect the healing properties in any way.  Each piece is unique in colour and shape but the photography shows a good representation of what you will receive.

All measurements are approximate

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Weight 110 g
Dimensions 55 × 100 mm


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